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Sotsiaalmeedia spetsialist - Roland Kivitare. teab ja tunneb sotsiaalmeedia hingeelu, oskab teha toimivaid reklaame, mis toovad kliendile kasumi.

Social media specialist and digital marketer
Roland Kivitare

Does social media management give you a headache?
Facebook ads not working?

How will I help you?

Sotsiaalmeedia halduse võtan enda kätesse. Pildil käsi, mis justkui hoiab sõnumeid, asukohta, poodi, kodu. Sümboliseerimaks kogu suhtluse haldust.

Social media management

I’ll take care of your Facebook ja Instagram profiles. I’ll make a specific plan for how, when and what content to post. I write the copy to your texts, help with the creation of visuals. I create effective advertising campaigns. If you don’t advertise your business on Meta, you’re missing out on the full potential of social media. Facebook isn’t just for sharing games!

SEO ehk otsimootori optimeeirmine - see on nagu luubiga õige vastuse otsimine. Selleks ongi sellel pildil luup


Social media is my main activity, but I also help you with SEO and Google services management. Did you know that 90% of searches are made from mobile using Google. Did you know that with a Google My Business account (Search and Maps), you can get in front of competitors in the search results using just a little time? Or that Google Search Console helps index your website?

Pildil kahe A4 lehe kujutised, millel peal näitlik graafik ja luup seda uurimas. Andmete analüüs on digiturunduses väga oluline.

Analytics ja reports

I will report the results to you every month. Let’s review the statistics together, if necessary, change tactics. Believe me, it is not always possible to find the right combination of text and image the first time. You have to test, and luckily you can measure the results to find out what works. That’s why SoMe and SEO take time before you achieve success. If you do it steadily and correctly, good feedback is guaranteed.

If you send me the names of your social media accounts today,
I’ll audit them for free!

You will get a good overview of your social media management – what is good on Facebook or what you could do better on your Instagram channel.
In addition, I will tell you what tricks your competitors use and how you can benefit from them.
I will answer you as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours later.

Roland Kivitare – Sotsiaalmedia specialist

Raigo Lepp – Lepp Motors OÜ

“Roland helped to breathe life into our Facebook and Instagram accounts. The texts written by him are engaging and meaningful. In addition, he reorganized our website, and thanks to SEO tricks, we have increased the sales numbers of the core business by 20%.”