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Digital marketer and Social Media specialist - Roland Kivitare. Knows the insides of Social Media, creates profitable paid ads and increases clients revenue.

Social media specialist and digital marketer
Roland Kivitare

Does social media management give you a headache?
Facebook ads not working?

How will a Digital Marketer help you?

Sotsiaalmeedia halduse võtan enda kätesse. Pildil käsi, mis justkui hoiab sõnumeid, asukohta, poodi, kodu. Sümboliseerimaks kogu suhtluse haldust.

Social media management

I’ll take care of your Facebook ja Instagram profiles. With social media managment I’ll make a specific plan for how, when and what content to post. I write the copy to your texts, help with the creation of visuals. I create effective advertising campaigns. If you don’t advertise your business on Meta, you’re missing out on the full potential of social media. Facebook isn’t just for sharing games!

SEO ehk otsimootori optimeeirmine - see on nagu luubiga õige vastuse otsimine. Selleks ongi sellel pildil luup


Social media is my main activity, but as a digital marketer I also help you with SEO and Google services management. Did you know that 90% of searches are made from mobile using Google. Did you know that with a Google My Business account (Search and Maps), you can get in front of competitors in the search results using just a little time? Or that Google Search Console helps index your website?

Pildil kahe A4 lehe kujutised, millel peal näitlik graafik ja luup seda uurimas. Andmete analüüs on digiturunduses väga oluline.

Analytics ja reports

I will report the results to you every month. Let’s review the statistics together, if necessary, change tactics. Believe me, it is not always possible to find the right combination of text and image the first time. You have to test, and luckily you can measure the results to find out what works. That’s why SoMe and SEO take time before you achieve success. If you do it steadily and correctly, good feedback is guaranteed.

Can You get everything at once?

Well, technically you can’t! Not at once. My experience shows that, before a digital marketer can bring you any success, the basics have to be properly set up. So, first up, I’ll audit your Google and Social Media related accounts. I mean, are you going to start building a house from the roof? No? Then you certainly have to lay out a good foundation and then go about everything else. Here are some points you can check if you have done it right:

  • Do you have a safe Meta and Google accounts? Have you enabled 2FA login?
  • Are you familiar with Meta Business account?
  • Does your business even have a Google account? Is your web indexed by google at all?
  • Is your plan to do Meta paid ads but your web has outdated info and is missing proper landing pages?

Does DIgital Marketer and Social Media Specialist Roland Kivitare really know all of SEO, WEB development, Google and Meta? We'll he does, but you get everything step by step.

What my clients say about me?

Rando Meres brutally honest recommendation of Roland Kivitare as a good digital marketer.
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Indrek shares his feedback to Roland Kivitare - a digital marketer and a social media specialist.
Raigo shares his feedback about the services Roland has provided to Lepp Motors.
Digital marketer and Social Media specialist asks feedback from customers he has worked with. It helps others decide whether they too would like to work with Roland

Roland Kivitare – Digital Marketer and a Social Media specialist

Picture of a digital marketer Roland Kivitare in blue suit and bow tie


First step

Get in touch and tell me what do you need help with?

Is it SEO you need? Or do you need help with how to create a Google Business account? Maybe you need help advertising with Meta paid Ads? Or are you in need of a new webpage?

First consultancy by e-mail or phone is for free! Let’s discuss how can I help you and i’ll let you know my pricelist so there will be no surprises later.

Second step

We will set up an interview with you and your team. Free up your calendar for 2hrs for that!

This is a paid meeting already, but it is vital to you in the long run! I need to understand your business thoroughly! I’ll ask about your clients, who are they, what do they do, what do they need from you etc. We’ll go through the things in digital marketing that give you the most trouble.

It is quite common that during the interview my clients find new approaches to their business. Ideally you should gather info about 3 of your main customers by the end of this interview. Why? So I can interview them also! That’s also paid by you, but extremely neccesary! There’s GOLD there! You’ll recieve a lot of info about WHY the customers ar with you and WHAT exactly do they need from you. This info helps us market you better. I do interviews wheter it’s social media management, SEO or web development you need because, it’s simply neccesary!

Third step

You’ll get a review of our meeting and my interview with your clients/customers. It takes time – about 8hrs in total if every interview takes 2 hrs. And yes, it is to be paid, because it is in your business interests that I get that info for you. Only from that info can we design a strategy and a plan to make it happen. You will closely included to every step of the way – so no chance for you to bow out and just start counting money! It is a cooperation not a job task to give to me.

Are you ready? Let’s really get to it!

Fourth step

Now we’ll start the rest of the tasks. I’ll get access to your accounts, set up your businesses social media accounts. If they don’t exist – i’ll help you create them. Then we’ll make a proper social media strategy and a plan to follow it! We will go through your Google accounts to see if they are properly set up. We’ll check if your web is even indexed in Google – Search Console tells us that, also Analytics – what data do we have before we start? Don’t worry if you don’t have these accounts or if you don’t know how to read the data. That’s why you came to me – a digital marketer – for help.

Fifth, and sixth…

That all depends. As a digital marketer and social media specialist I can help you set up some accounts and you’re on your way alone. But maybe you see that i can help you more with SEO and Meta paid Ads. Or we can even do bigger things together – do advertisments for TV of market a conference together. There are a lot of options and noone to stop us!