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Website development
website design

Drumroll please… in digital marketing, website design and website development both mean kind of the same thing – your new website located on a web server, which can be a blog, biography description, e-commerce store, a service page, news site, etc. Or a one-page landing page that only serves the role of getting leads. Searching for products and services always starts with search engines.

You landed here because you are interested in website development? I know this because I have optimized the subpage of this page for that keyword phrase. Its search volumes are also currently higher than the keyword “making a website”. Sometimes the difference is even tenfold.

Therefore, if you searched for “website development” and landed to my page among other matches, then I have captured your search intent. We can now claim that the SEO of this websites subpage has been correctly optimized by Google’s search engine.

Now, going further on, if you get the information here for yourself, which increases your trust in me, you will most likely make a request via the contact form in the footer, which in turn increases trust in the eyes of Google’s algorithms. Because they see that the searcher’s intent among the search results met the expectation and that some final action was taken – a conversion.

Website design

In most cases, design is the most sought after when wanting a new web. In some ways, it’s pretty easy today. You choose a design and then you start changing it and changing it and changing it. Until something different than what was originally planned comes out.

Design is of course important, as is the usability and comfort of the website. Even more important is SEO, which ultimately brings real inquiries from your website.

Screenshot of a mobile view of website development
Picture of homepage screenshot where a man looks into the distance with binoculars
Picture of one red and one black sportscar by the sea - such is the cover of Hobihoid company - they ordereded website development from us

Design is not what search engine bots “see”. True, if you tell them what it is in the description of the image, they will understand it, but I ask you: “When was the last time you searched the Internet for keywords like a website with triangles or a website with videos?”

Didn’t search? Apparently no one offers it because there is no demand for it. What search engines understand, however, is content. Good content placed in an easy-to-use designed shell, and THAT brings in inquiries.

What does website development mean?

Website development is a process where I make a new website for your domain. If we change the existing one a little, then the topic is more the maintenance and management of the website. But, if you do something, do it properly. And that means a lot of groundwork in my eyes.

First, you and your team must have a good rapport. In addition, I try to avoid doing the same jobs for competitors in the same field. Why? Because it wouldn’t be fair to you or your competitors.

With my approach, which is based on the best practices of the Marketing Lab guides (Turunduslabor), which I have tested over the years, I get to know your business very well. We’re going pretty deep.

Website design with me means we do an initial consultation. For this, it would be good if you know why you need a new website? If during this consultation we find a common language, then we will move forward.

  1. An interview with you and your team – if everything works out, we’ll make it clear to me how your business really works.
  2. Interviews with your customers – in 95% of cases, entrepreneurs and marketers get new and even surprising information
  3. We choose a marketing model and keywords – We find keywords and decide on a marketing model and strategy to use to increase sales.
  4. We create the structure – We establish the important marketing and sales elements and create the structure of the website.
  5. Design – as you can see, it’s on the end of the list. I’m quite a minimalist about website design, because it usually means a faster web, and faster web is again more user-friendly.
  6. Let’s test – I use a technical partner if necessary. You will get to know the page and I can explain how to use it.
  7. Final touches – We add the lastrefinements to the page and check the website one last time.
  8. I publish the web – If we make a completely new page, now we can start connecting analytics to it. If the web existed before, then all the above should be carried out in a test environment, which is on a separate server.

Is that it?

From here on, it depends on your wishes. Would you like me to monitor the traffic coming to the website using Google Analytics and make corrections if necessary. Maybe you need help connecting and managing your Google Accounts. For example, do you know what Google Search Console is?

These tools are necessary so that we can monitor and, if necessary, make already good content even better. I’ve had to do this on both my own and clients’ websites because Mr. or Mrs. Google likes freshness. If we make a website now and don’t update it for a long time, we will soon fall from the search positions. And besides, the competitors usually don’t sleep either.

So it could rather turn into a longer-term cooperation? I have tools with which we can keep an eye on your competitors – still to beat them. Or, if your business has its own Facebook page and Instagram account, then social media marketing is another passion of mine, in which I can find you new customers. I am happy to say that digital marketing does not have to frustrate you. It must help you and benefit you!

But wait? What is the cost of website development?

It depends on what you really want? Just a new website that looks good? You can, prices start at around €500. In this case, you will get some information about your company after a suitable pre-selected template. It lacks SEO and won’t get you any queries. Works exactly as you share it yourself. Like a business card in your pocket. If you don’t say you have it, no one will know.

If you want a web page that generates inquiries, the price of doing it will be determined according to the amount of work done. Such a home page is like a business card that is searched for by matchlight, but the difference is that Google points the way to the pocket or desk drawer where it is at the moment. And it already brings people to your page organically. Think of it as a one-time larger sum that is distributed over a long period of time. The price of creating a website that brings inquiries starts from 2,000 euros.

The length of the entire process over a period of time is also important. Of course, it is possible to make a website in hours. Everyone is promoting it. The majority of time increase comes from how quickly we manage to conduct customer interviews, how large the volume of keywords is, and many other factors, how much content is needed etc. So it can be a 2-3 month process or maybe more. But again, if you want to do it, i’d recommend investing a little more time than just couple of hours?

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