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Social Media Management

What does Social Media Management mean?

Social media is basically websites and applications that allow users to create content, share content or participate in social networks. Social media management allows companies to reach new people with their products and services using different content techniques and advertising channels. The most common social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram ja Twitter. All allow us to stay in touch with our loved ones and those far away, no matter where we are.

Or sell products and services worldwide as a company. A social media specialist knows how to create good content for companies and prepare effective advertising campaigns. His goal is to bring your brand to a wider audience.

To ordinary people like you and me. To people who have needs for self-fulfillment, development, communication, expressing an opinion and spending time. At the same time, they need different products and services. So people are there for you to find them. The question is, what do you do to find these people?

Sotsiaalmeedia spetsialisti tööriistad

Could you do it yourself or would you hire a specialist?

“I’m gonna do a like, share, comment campaign and get massive amount of new likes!” That’s definitely not the case. I believe it hasn’t been like this since the beginning of social media marketing. Because in the end, what matters is the group of people who are loyal to you – a warm audience! Being followed and later unfollowed, or worse, blocked, is terrible. You need a Social Media strategy. Specific activities to constantly find new customers, but also to be relevant to current followers. Make sure you read my blog, because from time to time I’ll write posts about the ABC-s of Social Media and Meta Ad Campaigns.

As a social media specialist, I can help you with this. I work with just starting and already operating small businesses. Because I know how demanding social media management can be at first and how much valuable time it takes away from core business. You have to manage a team, order products, manage the office and other equipment. If you add social media, advertising, analytics, etc. etc. There are so many of these accounts. All the time, something pings or chirps – diverts your focus away from product development.

All this does not fit into your schedule? Then you miss out on the full potential of social media. Don’t do it half-heartedly either. Did you make a company Facebook page and so on? With the help of a well-thought-out strategy, you will achieve better results, look attractive on social media channels and be able to deal with what is important to you. I can help you with that and you can do what you love.

Choose a specialist who’s committed to your success!

Social media management means content creation, creating advertising campaigns, web management, knowing SEO tricks and managing and analyzing Google services.
On my journey to digital marketing, I realized that everything is connected – social media marketing, your website and SEO. Small parts add up to a complete success in digital marketing.

If you get to know your client, know his intentions, you will be among the first he sees. I will be happy to share these and other SEO or search engine optimization tricks with you. The most successful trainer in this field is Priit Kallas and his webpage and I have learned a lot from him. Remember, according to research, an average of 22 contact points are needed between your brand and a potential customer to make a purchase. So it’s only natural that you may not be reached until the next quarter or even a year. Thanks to analysis and properly configured campaigns, you can reach all these customers, no matter what stage of decision they are in.

I have been involved in content management for over five years. Thanks to Social Media Masterclass course koolitusele I can create even more attractive copy to your posts and create advertising campaigns that bring results. There are so many opportunities in social media, as well as in Google, which actually favors small businesses. And my goal is to make you successful there!

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