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Who is this digital marketer and a social media specialist Roland Kivitare?

Roland Kivitare on sotsiaalmeedia spetsialist, kes teab kuidas teha kasumit toovad Facebooki ja Instagrami reklaamid.

To tell you how I became a social media specialist and digital marketer, I have to tell another story. This is not a science fiction story to win the sympathy of the readers. Although, I have had some bad incidents in my life. As a hint, I will say that jumping into the water head first is reasonable only when learning a new profession. Not literally. It is painful and can end up in a wheelchair. I was lucky, but many were not.

But I’m a big “petrolhead” or, in simpler terms, a car enthusiast. In the summer, I drive around an old german car to go and give my comment on motor sports competitions. In the winter, when the weather conditions are suitable, I organize an auto-motorsport competition called Up-Hill Snow Drag (since 2014). Through event marketing I became familiar with digital marketing.

You need to be a versatile assistant in digital marketing.

When organizing car events, it was necessary to deal with everything from marketing to looking for sponsors. As a private person, concluding various contracts is troublesome, and I founded my own company – “Rolevents OÜ”. I had been active with social media management for several years. Everything else related to the website and digital marketing was new, but interesting. Before 2019, I had not made any websites. The phrases “website creation” and “SEO or search engine optimization” were quite scary. By constantly educating myself, I realized how powerful digital marketing is.

I was still employed when I saw that as an entrepreneur I could offer more value to small businesses. When conducting my own car events, I saw how much good social media management can do. But also how time-consuming it is. So why not create something bigger than that? As a social media manager, I create more time for entrepreneurs! By creating successful advertising campaigns, I increase their sales. That way we can both work on what makes our eyes shinem bright. So are we doing any work at all?

Social media and digital marketing training from the best!

I felt that the freely available materials would not get me far and that I needed more practical training to tutor myself. That’s why I gave up my job and threw myself head first into the water. I left a good, stable salary and registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund. Before I got to the trainings, I worked through Google’s own video lectures, Priit Kallas’ SEO tutorials. Whatever came before me, I worked through it and tried it out. At the same time, trainers Sven Nuum and Teet Torim started to offer a social media specialist master class course – as if it was ordered. I passed it on the first flight and so began my journey in digital marketing. I continue to develop myself through work and training. If you have heard of Turunduslabor, then I am an active member there and a diligent learner there as well.

More personal than an agency.

Contact me if you feel you don’t want to handle social media management yourself. Or If you need a new webpage or help with SEO and Google! It is especially awesome if you are also interested in cars, cycles or technology in general. I have also worked in insurance and advertising sales, general and log house construction, as well as in the restaurant business. I believe that common views allow you to set goals more clearly in order to shape your company’s digital profile. Let’s review what can be improved in your company’s digital profile.

Roland Kivitare tunnistus koolituselt "Sotsiaalmeedia meistriklass"
Sotsiaalmeedia spetsialist Roland Kivitare on pildil, portugalis

Let’s make social media effective

But also stable. It’s never a good idea to start something that you don’t want to finish.

Work with enthusiasm

Literally. You focus on your business, I focus on making it look good.

Continuous development

Social media is evolving rapidly. So am I. I will keep up to date with new trends, I am constantly training myself so that your company is also always fresh.