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Our Clients

Roland Kivitare – Social Media specialist, Digital Marketing expert

HobiHoid – hobby equipment storage in Põltsamaa

In the case of, it is a project very close to my heart. If you have read about me from this webpage then you know that I am a big car lover. So big that sometimes I also write for one of the biggest blogs in Estonia And car enthusiasts sometimes have more or less hobby equipment – so do I. Cars and cycles or the like are nice to consume, but you also need to store them somewhere. That’s how rooms were found that were suitable for storing different hobby equipment, and now they had to be sold. Thought, done.

I designed webpage, created Facebook and Instagram accounts. Of course, also a Google My Business account, so that the customer can easily receive instructions to get there. Next, it was necessary to spread the word further, and next to the social media content plans, I optimized the Facebook advertising campaigns. As a result, Hobihoid premises were sold out 100% in the first winter season with the help of an advertising budget of approx. 35€. Despite the fact that the rooms are sold out for the season, according to the monthly content plans, different content management takes place in order to stay relevant in the eyes of followers.

Indrek Blauberg - Hobihoid üks asutajatest ja ABC kliima tegevjuht.

“Roland created digital profiles for Hobihoid on Facebook and Instagram.
In addition, he created a website based on our needs.
I don’t have to worry about always having fresh information on all channels. That’s why, I turned to Roland. “

Indrek Blauberg – Hobihoid CEO