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Who is a social media specialist?

Roland Kivitare on sotsiaalmeedia spetsialist, kes teab kuidas Facebooki ja Instagrami reklaame teha

The latest profession in digital marketing – (approx. 3 minutes reading)

For most people, social media is something to have fun with, to connect with people. Everyone can express their opinions and thoughts there on the topics that matter most to them. Like-minded people gather in groups. Or they watch the channels or events of interesting people, companies together with others. As long as it’s free. So, if this is for entertainment, “social media specialist” seems like some kind of fancy job? Definitely not for me.

Sotsiaalmeedia spetsialist ühendab ettevõtte ja isiku sotsiaalmeedia kanalite kattuvuse.
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In Estonia, social media is used by nearly three-quarters of the population (more precisely, 986,000 people – source: Milos Reklaam review digiuuring 2021 aastal). It is obvious that every person visiting a social media platform has their own desires, dreams, needs. The timeless business question: “Where to find new customers?” – has been answered! Now the question remains – “How”?

Social media marketing strategy

Digital marketing is a very broad term and includes creating a website, managing it and setting up SEO. Email marketing and social media management are also a part of this. Everything is connected in the end. What happens online should be reflected in social media. Their traffic analysis (Google Analytics, etc.) is the key to growth.

As a social media specialist, I know the basic nuances of SEO and web building in addition to popular social media channels. I can create a strategy that combines them. I can set up the necessary Google accounts so that the right information is always at hand. I have helped several companies and events stand out on social media and Google and thereby increase their turnover.

What is the fee of a social media specialist?

Of course, tapping into this huge digital marketing potential isn’t free! Social media management takes at least as much time as a person who is currently watching, for example, cat videos. The content must be well worded and with clear messages. Buying advertising and retargeting requires skills. Time is money and money is usually always lacking, you have to make money.

The fee depends, as always, on its volume. For smaller jobs, you can get by with an hourly fee of €40-70. In addition to large-scale works that include the management of several channels, you can also consider billing based on a fixed monthly fee per channel. For example, Facebook and Instagram content management starts at 300€/month, making a Facebook advertising campaign in the amount of 350€/month (plus campaign budget). But that too depends on wether you do 1 campaign or several in a month. In addition, I also offer wordpress web management and some help with SEO and Google account management (on an hourly or monthly basis). Cooperation is usually started through a free audit of social media channels!

A social media specialist for every company?

An entrepreneur creates value for consumers through his products and services, so he should devote himself to that, so that what he offers is as good as possible. Time, which none of us can get back, should be used in such a way that more value can be created from it. It makes sense to leave shoe repair to the cobbler and programming to the IT person. And let a digital marketing specialist take care of your digital channels. Contact me as soon as you feel like you want to fix your social media marketing.

*Amounts are indicative and may vary depending on workload and channel. 20% VAT is added to the amounts.

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